Lola Grace

Lola Grace began her pole life at Bobbis way back in 2009. She fell in love with how empowered and artistic pole dancing made her feel. Lola loves fluidity, freestyling, being bendy and expressing musicality in dance. Her style is a unique blend of contemporary, classique and exotic.

Lola loves teaching (she used to be a high school teacher!) and has a warm, bubbly personality that make students feel at ease. Always happy to have a chat, say hello next time you see her in the studio! Or better yet, give one of her classes a go. They’re great for hearing an eclectic mix of new and classic tunes.

When she’s not in the studio Lola is either at the beach, sleeping in, in a yoga class or cuddling stranger’s puppies 💕

Check out Lola on Instagram: @lolaograce




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