At Bobbi’s Pole Studio -the most renowned pole studio in Sydney-our classes are designed to suit all types of students, from Beginners to Advanced, industry to non-industry and everyone in between.

Following the news surrounding all non-essential services, our studio will be closed until further notice.

We are bringing our Bobbi’s Classes ONLINE live via Zoom with all your fabulous teachers!


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Warm ups included in all classes


Flex For the Average Joe

A 30 minute class
Some classes might need props such as yoga blocks (or books), a big towel, small towel, pillow, wall, door frame, 2 chairs. Great if you have a yoga mat too. Won’t need much more space than that. Zero flexibility welcome. Hardest challenge of this class? Do nothing, only breathe…BLISS!!


Cardio Grooves

No pole needed
Yoga mat and sturdy chair with no armrests would be great. No shoes needed. You’ll need a well-venilated area, YOU WILL SWEAT. A basic standing and floor cardio on and around a chair. Learn a fun new dance every week using these moves and skills.


Let’s Invert Pole

This one needs a pole
Can be done in heels or barefoot. Minimal base work so great for stage poles. A fan kick around the base is all the room you’ll need. Can you ankle grab? This class is for you! Are you int 2 and above? This class is for you! You’ll be offered modifications for all levels. Learn a brand new routine every week that’s easy to remember. Using both sides of the pole to create symmetry and body balance.


ABC Blitz

For any level, no pole
2 x 2kgs hand weights needed (can use 2L milk bottles filled with water) small space needed. Build strength in your arms, back and abs with exercises targeting those muscles needed for pole. 45 min of high intensity 15 minute stretch at the end of class.


Dance Fundamentals

Learn and strengthen basic dance technique to create longer and cleaner lines in your dancing. Finish the class with a fun routine (a different one each week).


Beginners Slap

All levels, no pole needed.
All things strip tease/lap dance. Need a sturdy chair with no arms with space on both sides of it. Heels optional.


Lower Body and Core Blast

Targets each muscle group in the lower body and core through a series of body-weight circuit exercises and combos. Strengthen your muscles first so you can develop your flexibility further



A stretch class open to all levels, with a focus on back-bending and splits. Each week will vary slightly, with a particular contortion trick or shape being worked towards, such as chest-stands, forearm-stands, Mongolian backbends, needle-scales.


Abs and Booty with Stuff From Around Your House

A workout for all levels, no pole required.
Bring a couple of 1kg weights (canned food), a bag of flour/fog food/powdered milk or similar, a towel, a stretch band or pair of stockings with feet tied together


Hardcore Pole Conditioning

If you don’t have a pole at home and don’t want to lose your strength this one is for you. Even if you DO have a pole at home this will really benefit you to switch up your training, and also help even out your imbalances. It’s hard and you’ll sweat but it will be worth it! Using bodyweight exercises, and functional style movement, you’ll be sure to come out of isolation feeling stronger than ever! All levels welcome, no pole needed. Limited space needed (size of a yoga mat).


Ass Magic

Want to learn how to pop that bootay? Then this is the class for you! You’ll learn to pop, isolate, and shake that ass. Fun and challenging warm ups, specified #AssMagic skills instruction, and then you’ll put it all into a routine! All the booty shaking, no experience necessary, no pole needed, just prepare to sweat, and have a super sexy twerking good time. Limited space needed (size of a yoga mat).



Don’t let the name fool you! Yes you’ll have a Jazzy good time, but not only will this fitness class have you sweating up a storm, it will also have you burning from head to toe. There will be many hip thrusts, A LOT of sweat, and you’ll leave the class with a big smile on your face from all the laughs! All levels welcome, no pole needed. Leotards, fluro and legwarmers encouraged. Limited space needed (size of a yoga mat).

Tricks and Combo’s (Int 1 plus & Int 4 repeaters plus)

Pole needed but not too much space.
Pole tricks based classwork on new tricks, combos and requests. Plus nail all the moves you’re struggling with



No pole needed
Preferably done in heels but bare feet are fine too. This one needs a small amount of space (4 yoga mats – ish) and is dance based for all levels. You’ll learn a sexy routine to a kick arse song.


Handstands and Elbow stands

All levels, no pole needed.
Ryder will give you options depending on your ability and work on all things upside down. You’ll need socks and bring a couple of yoga blocks (or large books like text books) and a towel.



This is a choreography class, no pole required.
You’ll learn a short routine (1-2 mins long). Open to all levels but will occasionally contain more challenging floor tricks and transitions which will be broken down. This is choreographed with small spaces in mind.


Pole Grooves

Pole needed (stage poles are fine), a little bit of space.
Learn a full sexy pole routine in an hour, all levels welcome.


Splits 3-ways

Working on front (left and right) and middle splits, this intense stretch session will give you all the tips and tricks to get you splitting like Billie! Would be fab if you have yoga blocks but find something to substitute if not (text books etc).  Also bring stretch bands or a towel. Yoga mat size will be enough.


Int Slap

This is intermediate level (currently in int SLAP or Int 4 repeater)
and will cover sexy moves. Sometimes on a chair. You need to have a sturdy chair with no arms and some decent core strength. Sometimes more floor based and we’ll let you know week to week what will be covered.

TikTok Challenge

If you haven’t heard of Tiktok have a google and see what’s it’s all about! Over the hour you’ll learn some seriously fun choreography that will help you on your way to becoming a Tiktok star! Don’t know how to use TikTok? No worries Bailey will help you! Each week = a new challenge to master! #BPSChallenge No pole needed, all levels, small-medium amount of space (think 3 yoga mats).


SLAP Grooves

Do you love dancing and feeling sexy? Learn a sexy, fun, and tantalising chair dance routine each week that will work your body from head to toe. Chair needed, no pole necessary, all levels welcome, a small amount of space needed (enough for a chair and to sit/lay down in front of chair).


Slide & Glide

40 min Class. This class is to strengthen and tone muscles using 2 paper/plastic plates on carpet or 2 hand towels if you have floorboards. Open to all levels and able to change each exercise to suit all abilities.


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