When coming in for classes, please remember:


  • Entry into class is not permitted 5 minutes after the start of class.
  • Please arrive 5mins before class to mark your name off


Check-in at Reception

  • Please mark your attendance off at reception for classes and during practice times.
  • If you’re coming in for a catch-up class, please wait until the enrolled students have entered the room.


  • You will need to have a cloth to clean your pole/space and to attend class. No cloth = no class.
  • Cloths can be purchased at the studio for $2.00.


If you are sick
  • Please do not attend classes, even if it is just a little sniffle we ask that you stay home for the health and safety of your class mates and BPS staff.
  • If you do come to class sick you will be asked to leave.


What to Wear

  • Please make sure to wear shorts above your knees (no long pants/leggings).
  • Most students dance in heels – stiletto style with a strap is the best. If you don’t feel comfortable dancing in heels, you can dance barefoot.
  • Please don’t moisturise on pole day as you will get too slippery, making it really hard to grip to the pole.


See you in the studio!