Here is all you need to know
(Covid-19 Updates)


When coming in for classes, please remember:


  • Entry into class is not permitted 5 minutes after the start of class.
  • Please arrive 5mins before class to mark your name off and to sanitise your pole area.



  • At this stage, you will need to wear a mask at all times, including while dancing. We keep you updated on any changes given by the government.



  • We’re still working on the best way to view these, but please know we will be very diligent in confirming the vaccination status of students and staff at this time. We will let you know when we have finalised our plan.


Entering and Exiting the Studio

  • We need all students to wait SPREAD OUT down the stairs. It’s really important to keep distance between each person. There is pink tape on the stairs, where you can stand.
  • Wait to the left of the stairs, to give the students leaving enough room to exit.
  • Please don’t all huddle together outside the studio door near the lift, it blocks the previous classes leaving and it’s also not safe social distancing. Reception will let you know when it’s ok to enter the studio.



  • Hands before & after class.
  • Wipe down your poles & your space (floorboard rooms) before and after class.


Check-in at Reception

  • For ALL classes and during practice times.


  • You will need to have a cloth to clean your pole/space and to attend class. No cloth = no class.
  • Cloths can be purchased at the studio for $2.00.


If you are sick
  • Please do not attend classes, even if it is just a little sniffle we ask that you stay home for the health and safety of your class mates and BPS staff.
  • If you do come to class sick you will be asked to leave.


What to Wear

  • Please make sure to wear shorts above your knees (no long/leggings).
  • Most students dance in heels – stiletto style with a strap is the best. If you don’t feel comfortable dancing in heels, you can dance barefoot.
  • Please don’t moisturise on pole day as you will get too slippery, making it really hard to grip to the pole.


We appreciate everyone’s effort in helping us stop the spread and keeping everyone healthy and safe!
See you in the studio!