Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

We are located at Sydney CDB! Perfect for lunch breaks and after working in the office or on the weekends before brunch or a big night out! We’re across the road from Hyde Park and Museum Station or a 7-minute walk from Town Hall Station and there are many buses around. Our studio is hidden away in the Hellenic Club Building. At night, you’ll most likely see our pink bright lights shining through the curtains or hear our music through the windows while waiting for a bus.


Is there parking?

Even if you are not a public transport type person I’d HIGHLY recommend it, the studio is surrounded by accessible public transport.
During the week, loading zones finish at 6pm so you can often get a park in the block around the studio (Bathurst Street, Pitt Street). It’s a bus lane at the front till 8pm, after that it’s metred parking. On the weekends you can park out the front or in the surrounding streets. Goulbourn Street Carpark is the closest car park, just 2 blocks away with a decent flat rate for the day.


How much are the classes?

Our courses run for 8-week terms at $250.00. If you do additional classes, your second class is $130.00 for the 8 weeks for our flexibility and levelled classes and $150 for specialty classes. E.g Beginners class $250.00, Contortion class $130.00, SLAP class $150.00 – that’s 3 classes a week over 8 weeks and would be $530.00. We require a 50% non-refundable / non-transferable deposit is when booking into a class. The remainder is payable at your first class (Week 1 of the term).


Do you offer payment plans?

Usually, students pay half the amount when they book and half in the first week but if you need us to take it out in 3 or 4 regular payments just ask reception and we’ll be happy to help work out a payment plan for you!


What is your refund policy?

We do not refund or transfer classes to another term or student for any reason. It sounds really harsh but if you can’t make classes let us know as soon as you can, we’ll move heaven and earth to get you into 8 classes in a term, we are good at getting creative!


How long are the classes?

Pre-covid they were 60-minute classes and hopefully, we’ll be going back to one-hour classes soon. Right now, they are 50-minute classes allowing 5 minutes for people to clean their pole/area/get dressed and leave and then 5 minutes for the next class to check-in, get changed and clean their pole/area.


What happens if I miss a class?

You can do a catch-up class before you miss the class or after, as long as it’s in the same term. Once you’re enrolled you join our closed student Facebook group.

Every day at 12noon (or the previous day for Sat and Sun classes) we put a post that details what classes that evening have poles spare and you just need to leave a comment with the name of the class and the time to grab a place in line.
Reception will not respond to confirm your place, you will need to check that people commenting before you haven’t already taken all the available spots.


What should I wear?

The recommendation is shorts above the knees and a top. We also encourage heels but that is optional. The higher the level, the fewer clothes you will wear, not only cause you’ll feel super confident but also you need skin contact with the pole to stick. To begin wear shorts above the knees, bare feet or you can bring a comfortable pair of stilettos with an ankle strap (that you would be comfortable wearing out dancing). Every class starts with a warm-up in bare feet then heels pop on for the lesson.


Do I need to be able to dance?

Not at all! No experience is required.


Do I need to be strong?

Not at all! One of the awesome benefits of pole dancing is the amazing progression of strength throughout the weeks! You’ll be so motivated to get that next move you’ll actually WANT to practice and you’ll start to notice that increase in strength and mobility.


Do you offer classes other than Pole Dancing?

We offer are a range of classes that aren’t limited to Pole Dancing!

SLAP aka Strip Tease and Lap Dancing
Want to add a little extra spice into your fitness routine? Give lap dancing a go!
In Beginner’s SLAP, you will work on perfecting your technique in high heels, how to strip off clothing in a super sexy way, and how to give your partner (or whomever you choose) a delightful lap dance and learn to dance with props – chair, whips etc and basic floorwork. No experience required!

Splits & Contortion
Perfect for all levels! These classes will get you bendy and increase your mobility.
All classes have variations of stretches and conditioning techniques. The instructor will work out the most appropriate level for you. You don’t have to be flexible to start (or even be able to touch your toes).
These classes will build you up to great mobility and strength in those muscles, no matter where you are when you start.


Do I have to wear heels?

Not at all, whatever you are comfortable in but just know they are more comfortable than they look, don’t take long to get used to and make your legs look sexy. They also help you with floor transitions, protect your toes when you dance and provide extra grip on the poles especially if you choose to wear boots. We recommend checking out our friends at or visit their shop on Crown Street which is less than a 10min walk from our studio down Oxford St!
If you purchase online, use the code BILLIE10 for a discount!


What is Practice Time?

Practice time is for all students and non-students that runs every day.
Bookings not required.
It is open studio time where you can practice your moves and routines.
The cost is $10.00 cash (each level has one free day) for students and $20.00 to students not enrolled in the current term and $30 for non-students.
During the week Practice is not supervised and on the weekend an instructor will be there to help with any questions you have or for a spot if you need. Sometimes you’ll have a room to yourself and sometimes all the poles will be full.
It’s a great time to meet other students and you’re welcome to pop your music on and jam away.


When is Practice Time?

Practice time runs Mon 12-5pm, Tues 3-5pm, Wed 12-5pm (free for Int 4 and above and also if you’re only enrolled in a non-pole class), Thurs 3-5pm Fri 12-5pm (free for beginners to Int 3).


How do I know what level I’m in?

If you haven’t done pole before start at beginners. If you have done pole (coming back from break or coming from another studio) it’s best you come in for a free level assessment during the weekend practice time. Our instructor will go through the syllabus with you to assess you in the best level with us and you’re welcome to stay for practice after.


Can I have a pole at home?

Absolutely! Check out or X-POLE Australia. Our poles in the studio are brass and 38.1mm. Some pole suppliers will have 40mm as their smallest size. We highly recommend a reputable brand and to not purchase poles through ebay or other sports websites.
There are many unsafe fake brands and last thing you want is a pole that is not properly fitted that can damage your property and also cause harm or injury to yourself.


What is pole grip?

Most student find themselves sliding and slipping on the pole. Depending on the weather and other factors like dry skin can make the poles feel slippery. There are a lot of options you can try and we have testers at the studio.

Here are a few grip brands and info:

  • Body Grip: Sick of slathering yourself with shaving cream and hairspray? Some bright spark has developed a pole body spray. It will leave you feeling dewy and is great for humid days and doesn’t leave residue on the pole.
    Body Grip available from Reception.
  • Want to feel dry tacky: Griptinite, Pole Grip, Girly Grip, Liquid Chalk.
    These options sit on top of your skin to create a layer between your skin and the pole = friction. Liquid chalk is better if you need a bit of absorption so is your ‘driest’ choice. Dry tack is good when your pole feels a bit greasy, too warm or there’s condensation. Griptinite is like Dry Hands but less chalky and great for people with sweaty and/or oily hands. Billie says Pole Grip (the new one we are stocking) is great for her if Griptinite isn’t working, it’s non slip to improve your grip without being too sticky.
    Girlie Grip, Griptinite and Pole Grip all available from reception.
  • What to feel sticky tacky: Hairspray, Stunt Grip, Dancing Dust.
    Different types of hairsprays work for different skin types however the top pick is V05 GEL hairspray over aerosol options. Stunt Grip is a powder that feels sticky when you mix it with rubbing alcohol or metho. Sticky tack is good when your pole feels dry or too cold.
  • Want to feel less dry: Shaving Cream, Dew Point, Dancing Dust Body Spray.
    These add moisture to your top layers of skin so you’re dewy! Brings back elasticity to your skin so it’s ready to grip! Like hairsprays, experiment with types of shaving cream. Watch out for any added oily ingredients to soften the skin.
    Dancing dust available from reception.
  • Want to reduce sweat: Tite Grip, DriClor, No More Sweat
    This is best to prep for BEFORE class.
    Tite Grip is an antiperspirant that you put on at least 30 mins before activity as it needs to settle into your pores to block sweat. The original version is superior if you’re the super sweaty type.
    DriClor / No More Sweat lasts for 4 – 7 days. They make you DRY. Put it on 48 hours before class. A day before, you won’t get dewy enough in warmup. Even sweaty folk still need to have a dewy top layer of skin to grip!
  •  Super sweaty DO NOTS:
    • bathe in shaving cream, if any.
    • apply iTac
    • apply Dew Point
    • drink caffeine (seriously!)


If you have sweaty bits, put tite grip on it. If you feel you need a dry tack, put on Griptinite or Pole Grip. If you feel way too dry, put on shaving cream.


Do the poles spin?

Our poles have internal ballbearings, so yes, they spin. We have a number of Pussycat Poles in the Studio that can change to be static really easily with an allen key that you can get from reception.


Class Etiquette

Pretty obvious things really, Please don’t chew gum in class. Please don’t talk when the instructor is talking. Please be supportive and respectful to other class mates and staff (bitchiness is not tolerated). If you are doing a catch up class let the regular students of the class choose their poles first. Just be thoughtful really.


Can I do a catch up class at another Bobbi’s Pole Studio?

You can do a catch up class in Miranda, Perth or Malaysia, just let reception know when you are going and they will organise it with you.


Do I have to perform in front of people?

On our last week of class (week 8), we have SHOWTIME (I’m talking pre-covid, at the moment, it’s just a fun end of term class). With Showtime you can dress up to that term’s theme and you’re welcome to invite family and friends to come watch you perform your routine. Your classes join together and after an audience free warm up and run-through, the audience is invited in and each class performs and ends with a fantastic instructors show. It’s a really fun supportive environment! For some people it can be terrifying but when they’ve finished they want to do it again. It’s a fantastic way to get out of your comfort zone and you’ll get SUCH a sense of accomplishment.


If I get really good, are there competition I can enter?

We have Amateur Nights twice a year and when you get REALLY good you might want to enter Miss Pole Dance Australia that we also run. There are literally hundreds of industry competitions each year, won’t take you long to get involved.


Can Under 18s attend your studio?

In the Miranda studio, we have Acro Pole for 12-16 year olds. In the City and Miranda we accept students from age 16 (16 and 17 we request premission from a parent or guardian). YOU CAN USE ACTIVE KIDS VOUCHERS twice a year too, so that’s a bonus, thanks Government!


Do you have change rooms?

We have bathrooms on the same level. However, no showers. We do have baby wipes that you can request at reception if you’re going out after class. Most students change in their pole room and some will have their polewear underneath their clothes they came in.


Do you have somewhere for me to refill my water bottle?

Yes, we have a chilled water filter in reception. We also sell bottled water for $3.00 at reception if you ever forget to bring your own.


Will I get my own pole?

Yes, everyone gets their own pole for class.


What type of poles do you use?

We use 38.1mm brass poles (


Can Men attend your studio for classes?

We welcome all people who would like to attend our courses.


Do you have gift cards?

We sure do, just ask at reception.


Am I too old?

NEVER! We’ve had a 68yr old student. More than one of our instructors are over 50, a lot are over 40! We always say we regress in age from all the pole dancing (might be from the blood circluation from all the inverts! hehe). It’s never too late to give pole dancing a go.


What does a typical class involve?

Students arrive and get their attendance marked at reception then change into their pole gear. They clean their pole and space around the pole with metho that’s provided in all our rooms in spray bottles. The instructor will take them through a thorough warm-up to reduce risk of injuries and then ask anyone who has them to put on their heels while studio notices for the week are announced. The class will then work on revision and you’ll learn the week’s syllabus moves and combinations. For the last 15 minutes or so the class will work on a pole routine that will be added on every week. After is a quick cool down and then be asked to clean their pole and space around their pole and get dressed.


How do I move up to the next level?

Our instructors will explain prerequisites for the next level in class. When you think you are ready to move up, let your instructor know AT THE START OF YOUR CLASS and they will keep an eye on you during the lesson. You’ll be given an approval slip at the end of the class if they approve you’re ready. If you are not almost finding your current level easy you’ll find a higher level challenging and have a much higher chance of getting injured. There’s no rush to the top, no shame in repeating a level, at all!


How long will it take to be really good?

There is no definite answer to this. A lot can also depend on your fitness level or if you have a background in dance/gymnastics, bodybuilding etc. you will likely be quicker to progress than others. Doing mulitiple classes a week and practicing is your bet at improving quickly.