Intro to Chorey

Do choreography classes make you feel a bit flustered? Like they move just a bit too fast? Look, lots of us haven’t taken a dance class as an adult (if ever!) and so choreography is super unfamiliar territory. Let’s break down the baby basics so that you can confidently build your flow when learning choreography, and maybe even work towards developing your own natural style. In this workshop we will learn sexy, sensual, slow flow choreography so that you can get familiar with techniques and transitions you often see in pole routines. This class is perfect for beginners and is a great opportunity for more intermediate dancers to polish their skills, and learn the secrets of slow sensual flow.

Knee Pads and Heels HIGHLY recommended. If you prefer not to wear heels, bring along some socks so that you can still get slidey with us! No leg grip required, so you’re welcome to wear leggings if you’d like



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