A Safe Return To Your Happy Place

Hi Everyone,

As we are gearing up and getting ready to return back to the studio, we have some changes that you all need to know about. Please take a moment, save this post and read through this post to make sure you are following our new procedures. While this changes the way we have previously run, please keep in mind we are doing this to ensure everyone’s health and safety.


If you’re sick AT ALL, don’t come in.

Sanitise your hands as you come in and as you leave.

Keep 1.5m from people around you at all times.


Wait outside until a staff member asks you to come in. Please leave at least 1.5m away from our entrance/exit to ensure the class before you can leave safely before you enter.

Get a metho towel each.

Doors to studio and rooms will be left open


Get marked off by reception.

Get changed in room if you can to avoid long waits for bathroom.

If you need a yoga mat, feel free to bring your own towel to put on top of the map.

Wipe pole

Warm up

Do the class

Wipe pole

Wipe mat/roll and put away

Get dressed as quickly as possible

Dirty towel in basket


Leave (or wait separately in a pole room for your next class to start)


Bathroom – wipe seat, be quick, wash hands

Things to note

Catch ups for this 5 weeks NO

Catch ups for previous 3 weeks TBA

Privates YES

Pole parties YES

Jelly beans NO

Chats in reception NO

Waiting in reception NO

While we all miss each other terribly, please avoid congregating in the area after classes. Just so we can ensure we are compliant with social distancing rules.

We are all so excited to everyone back at the studio!





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