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Has it been hot where you live recently? Do you live in a hot country? Hot weather, much like cold weather makes certain things more challenging. Pole dancing is one of those things! As if it isn’t challenging enough already!

That’s right – pole dancing is hot weather adds an extra layer of difficulty (and sweat) to something which is already fairly difficult (and sweaty). All forms of workout are sweaty, but when you’re trying to grip the pole to no avail – the heat becomes a problem.

A small amount of sweat actually helps you grip the pole – but too much sweat and you transform into a slippery mess. Frustrating, to say the least.

Fortunately, we live in a world of air conditioning and antiperspirant! So, no matter where in the world you live, whether you’re in the desert or you just have a crappy studio with a faulty AC unit, we hope you find these summer pole dancing tips useful!

Pole Dancing in Hot weather

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Stay Hydrated

Sorry to be patronizing and obvious, we know this goes without saying, The most important thing you can do when working out in the summer or in hot weather is to stay hydrated! It may seem like common sense but you’d be surprised how many people don’t actually drink water during exercise.

It’s like, water has no calories, you know?! 

Water is definitely the best thing to drink, avoid carbonated or caffeinated drinks which will make you more dehydrated in the long run. Let’s try and cut down on plastic waste by using a refillable bottle too!

Get Bendy and Stretch


When the weather is hot, it’s a good opportunity to stretch! Why? Because you’re able to stretch more when it’s warm, which is also why you should always make sure you’re warm before stretching, to allow you to stretch further and to prevent pulled muscles!

You can also use the hot weather as an opportunity to try bendier tricks, such as Janeiro, down splits or jade splits.

Think of your muscles like sticky-tac; they need to be warmed up for them to become more elastic!

Use Good Antiperspirant

To try and avoid the sweat, use a good antiperspirant. Not an aerosol spray, that shit won’t cut it in hot weather. You need a roll-on and baby powder or powdered deodorant to really beat the sweat in this weather.

We recommend this powder deodorant, it doesn’t leave a residue and it smells amazing!

Wear Breathable Clothes

Ok, so 90 degrees ain’t the best time for PVC outfits when pole dancing. You need something like a running top and cycle shorts made from breathable fabrics.

Save the vinyl, latex, and PVC for when the weather gets cooler! Or, if you have a good AC then it doesn’t really matter…

Don’t Overdo It

Take it easy when it’s this hot, seriously. I’ve seen people faint in fitness classes due to the heat and they’ve overdone it and/or not had enough water.

If you start to get light-headed or feel woozy, then take a break for a few minutes and have that all important water to hand! Heat exhaustion is not funny and can be very serious, so take it easy! 

Get a Good Fan

If your home or studio is sadly lacking in AC, then invest in a good fan that oscillates. This will swing the air around, similar to how air conditioning works, and provide a more comfortable workout environment for you to pole dance.

Make the Most of your Cool Down

As you’ll be more flexible due to the heat, really make the most of your cool down to improve your flexibility.

You could use yoga blocks, resistance bands or silks to work some extra flexibility stuff into your cool down.

While it’s important not to overstretch, it can benefit your progress to push yourself a little bit further but remain within your limits.

Invest in a Brass Pole

Or Stainless Steel, or anything but chrome for that matter.

Maybe your apparatus is to blame for your slippery slipperiness? Chrome is not the best material for gripping in general, but it’s even worse in hot weather.

If you live in a very hot country all-year round, then standard chrome poles won’t work very well for you. Chrome poles are very common around the world, but in hotter climates they are definitely a challenge when it comes to grip.

Many pole dancers in warmer climates find that brass works very well in hot and/or dry areas, whereas stainless steel works better in hot and humid climates.

So, those are some tips for pole dancing in the hot weather! Don’t forget to get outside into nature and enjoy the sunshine ?

Happy poling!

Pole Fitness Tips: Pole Dancing in Hot Weather