How long have you been at BPS?

I started as a student in Term 1 2006 at Bobbi’s Miranda. That makes it 14 years!


What is your favourite move?

Jade split drop


What is your nemesis move?

Rainbow Marchenko! I’ve said good bye to that dream these days.


What move are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on building some combinations for routines and getting my strength back in dead lifts. 
Chris is also helping me with a flippy trick that has left a huge bruise on my arm.


Did you have a background in gym/dance before you started pole?
I danced my whole life and was starting a career as a dancer when I started pole.


Favourite pole moment?
Getting my head on the back of my keen in a class at Body and Pole in New York. It was the most ecstatic feeling in the world.


Who is your pole crush/pole idol?

I’ve always loved Jenyne Butterfly


If you could take a class with any poler (active or retired) who would it be?

Marlo Fisken.


What song(or genre) do you love to pole to?
I love an 80s or 90s glam rock ballad – Alone by Heart is an all time fave to dance to.


What song has pole ruined for you?

Any dub step genre. Yawn.


Do you think pole should be in the Olympics?

Nah, I love that it is sexy and special- it should be in an arena with lights, sequins and over the top glamour.


If you never discovered pole dancing what would you be doing?
I do wonder if I would have be as creative as I am now. I hope I would have danced on a cruise ship, but I’m not sure if I would have gotten to. If not, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been as happy as I have, or known the freedom and stories that pole has given me.


Some non-pole stuff about you…

Favourite Movie?
I love European films with hardly any words and subtitles when there are words. But I also love Hot Tub Time Machine and Game Night- Hilarious! Mask is great, Captain Fantastic. Brad Pitt’s first movie… I never remember the names! Oh, Focus with Will Smith and Wolf of Wall Street are top contenders too!

Favourite food/place to eat?
Best meal ever was fresh seafood on the beach in Bali. I love a Texan Smokehouse and Kung Pow Chicken and artichoke on Italian pizza. And spicy chicken wings! I put hot sauce on everything. At home I love to cook salmon and smoked brisket.

Wine or chocolate?
Wine. Whisky.

Sun or snow?

Cats or dogs?
Doggos! I’d love to get two sausage dogs… or a Boarder Collie – the best type of dog!

Tattoos or beards?


Any other advice you want to share?
Live a life that people would want to write stores about. That’s how I plan to live mine.





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