Miss Pole Dance Australia Workshops November 4th



The amazing pole superstars Adam Lin, Amy Hazel and Felix Cane will be at the studio November 4th for some very exciting workshops. Call 9264 0080 to book i


Exotic Pole with Adam Lin 2pm-3.15pm ($70)

Adam combines his 8-year background in dance with his natural flair for pole, to bring you this fun and challenging pole routine. You will learn the fundamentals of voguing, waacking and jazz funk, bringing new attitude and fierceness to your performance repertoire. This is a choreography-based class suitable for males and females of all skill levels, tricks can be adapted to cater for students as necessary, heels are allowed.


Chair Dance and Flow with Felix Cane 2pm-3pm ($95)

Full song choreography using a chair as your prop, super sexy and fun with elements of lap dance and striptease thrown in for a bit of spice 😉


Exotic Flow with Felix Cane 330pm-430pm ($95)

Pulling in influences from the extremely sexy Russian Flow style this class will focus on floor tricks, footwork, and smooth floor flow.


Lyrical with Amy Hazel 330pm-430pm ($80)

With over 18 years of dance training in a variety of styles, this challenging class will leave you with transitions and movement to help you in creating your own dance choreography!


Call (02) 9264 0080 or stop by reception to book






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