Free Trial Pole Class (Miranda & CBD)

Pole curious? You’re in luck! We have some free trials coming up!

In your free trial you will learn the basics of pole dancing. You will learn how to dance sexily around the base of the pole and how to perform some beautiful pole spins. After you go through the basics you will learn a fun, short routine!

Absolutely no experience necessary! Students come from all fitness backgrounds, many with none whatsoever. All moves are done progressively and your teacher will break down everything piece by piece. So bring a friend, coworker, your mum, your partner, or whoever you’d like and come learn how to work the pole with us!


We are offering free trials at our Elizabeth Street and Miranda studios just call us Miranda 9522 2933 or Elizabeth Street 9264 0080 or fill out the form below, including your preferred trial date, to book in.

Sydney Studio

5 May 12-1pm

6 May 1-2pm

Miranda Studio

Contact us to set up your free trial! 

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Things to know on the day of your free trial:

  • Be sure to wear shorts that expose the back of your knees, as you’ll need that skin for grip. Wear whatever you’re comfortable exercising in on top (T-shirt, singlet, whatevs)
  • Bring along your heels! Be sure they are stilettos with a strap (no wedges or slide ons)
  • Heels make you a bit nervous? Don’t worry, you can totally dance barefoot too, its up to you!
  • Do NOT moisturise the day of class or you will find it very difficult to grip the pole
  • Try to arrive 10 minutes early to get all settled in if you can
  • If you have any questions (we promise, we’ve heard them all) just ask whenever you book in and we’re happy to answer 🙂





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