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Recently, our resident Grip and Donut Expert wrote a FANTASTIC run down of all things Grip. Grip can be a tricky world to navigate and Bonny has tried it ALL!

Thanks so much for taking the time to write and help the pole masses with all your grip tips Bonny Adler!


Want to feel dry tacky:

Dry Hands, Girly Grip, Liquid Chalk

These options sit on top of your skin to create a layer between your skin and the pole = friction. Liquid chalk is better if you need a bit of absorption so is your ‘driest’ choice. Dry tack is good when your pole feels a bit greasy, too warm or there’s condensation.

What to feel sticky tacky:

Hairspray, Stunt Grip

Different types of hairsprays work for different skin types however the top pick is V05 GEL hairspray over aerosol options. Stunt Grip is a powder that feels sticky when you mix it with rubbing alcohol or metho. Sticky tack is good when your pole feels dry or too cold.

Want to feel less dry:

Shaving Cream, Dew Point, Body Shop Shorbet Lotion

These add moisture to your top layers of skin so you’re dewy! Brings back elasticity to your skin so it’s ready to grip! Like hairsprays, experiment with types of shaving cream. Watch out for any added oily ingredients to soften the skin. Do not want. Body Shop Shorbet Lotion is great option the night before pole class if you get too greasy using shaving cream during class but are too dry otherwise.

Want to reduce sweat:

Tite Grip, DriClor, No More Sweat
This is best to prep for BEFORE class.

Tite Grip is an antiperspirant that you put on at least 30 mins before activity as it needs to settle into your pores to block sweat. The original version is superior if you’re the supery sweaty type.

DriClor / No More Sweat lasts for 4 – 7 days. They make you DRY. Put it on 48 hours before class. A day before, you won’t get dewy enough in warmup. Even sweaty folk still need to have a dewy top layer of skin to grip!

Super sweaty folk do NOTs:

– bathe in shaving cream, if any
– apply iTac
– apply Dew Point
– drink caffiene (seriously!)

If you have sweaty bits, put tite grip on it. If you feel you need a dry tack, put on dry hands. If you feel way too dry, put on shaving cream.”

– Bonny Adler, Resident Grip and Donut Expert





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